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Speed Builder Programming

Speed Builder Programming

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If you believe doing a few sprints is the key to getting faster, you are sorely mistaken. Maximizing your speed requires you to train the three components of speed: acceleration, top-end speed and speed endurance.

You must increase the amount of force you can put into the ground. The more force you can produce, the faster you will run. Here's how to do it:

  • Get Stronger. Strength is the foundation of speed. If you're weak, you won't be able to drive into the ground.
  • Improve Your Posture. Having perfect posture allows you to run efficiently.
  • Get Powerful. Strength is the foundation, but you need to be able to express your strength quickly.
  • Refine Your Technique. Once you've mastered the previous three, refine your technique so you don't waste energy when sprinting.

You need to train every speed component. Let’s work on it in the 4 week program. Speed Kills.


- Sprints training/ HIIT

- Weights training for speed 

- Plyometrics

- Supplement Advice



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