Zeiler Finds Her Passion In the Hospitality Industry

I love sharing stories about passionate young people. Jessica Zeiler is one of those individuals passionate about working in the hospitality industry as a Front Desk Agent at the Days Inn Regina East location.
“I absolutely LOVE it! I have been part of the team for two and a half years, making it three years in June”. 
Jessica came into this job with a very open mind as it was something completely new to her.
“It can be a lot to take in at first, but I feel like I caught on to how things operate fairly quickly considering I've never worked in this industry before. Being a Front Desk Agent, you're constantly learning new things and it challenges you - which I enjoy! It really helps when you have an incredible team to teach you and help if you happen to get stuck.”
One of her goals is to complete her certification in the Guest Services Representative Journey Person Program. 
“I give myself daily goals as well. I like to get most, if not all my tasks done. I always try to help other co-workers if they need it and I always try to make at least one person smile (but I usually strive for more!). I know at the end of the day if I can make a few people smile and feel like they're at home when they stay at Days Inn Regina East, I've done my job right; and that is one of the best feelings when being an Agent.”
“My previous job experience has been in cashier or retail positions.  I definitely had some experience with the public but not nearly as much as the tourism industry does.”
When Jessica first started this job she knew she needed a change in her life and step outside her comfort zone.
“When I was younger I used to have my birthday parties at hotels and it was such a blast. I remember seeing the people at the desk thinking how awesome it would be to work there and how much fun it looked. I have never forgotten how those people made me feel at such a young age so when I saw the opportunity I jumped on it as soon as I could. I could not be happier that I did! Now I get to be that person that makes a long lasting impression on people.”
Jessica mentioned that her previous work experience has helped her immensely with problem solving skills.
“Working in Hospitality, there are a lot of times where you need to think quickly on your feet and get things done in a timely manner. The past has also helped me with my communication with customers and guests. I always try to remain calm in stressful situations and make sure I present myself in a professional and friendly way no matter what.”
Recently Jessica successfully completed her national certification for emerit Front Desk Agent. She started her prep for the certification a few months ago and wrote the exam near the end of October. 
“I wanted to make sure I took my time and retained all the information that I possibly could. Luckily I would get a few days off back to back and I would just stay home and study.  Before I even started this program, my General Manager was working on finishing her certifications so I had a slight idea on what to expect which was nice and that is how I even heard of the program. Right away I asked if I could get enrolled and the next thing I knew I was. I'm still ecstatic about this whole opportunity.”
Jessica mentioned that Saskatchewan is an incredibly beautiful province to visit and to live in. 
“We're known for many things here like cold winters, magnificent sunrises and sunsets and not to mention farming to name a few. I will admit, I haven't traveled to many places in Saskatchewan like I want to but working in this industry you hear many stories. It's the stories that I hear on a daily basis and the people I meet that keep inspiring me to learn and discover more.” 
“The stories I hear from guests about where they have been and what they've done in those places makes me proud of being in Saskatchewan. We have so many cool little spots here that are just waiting to be discovered!”

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