Words Cannot Describe

I was going to do a recap of the NFL Playoffs last weekend but I only have one game on my mind... The Browns vs Steelers. JUST WILD.

The Cleveland Browns overcame it all. The burden of carrying the mantle of a franchise that’s long been a punchline, JuJu Smith-Schuster making TikToks, a schedule ravaged by a COVID-19 outbreak, practicing just once over the last two weeks and a rival that for years has treated them like a harmless little brother. 


The Browns dismantled the Pittsburg Steelers 48-37 in the wild-card round Sunday night, picking up the franchise’s first postseason victory in more than a quarter-century and earning a trip to Kansas City this Sunday to face the defending Super Bowl champions.

The victory was the Browns' first postseason triumph of any kind since beating New England on New Year's Day 1995. This being just three months before Mayfield was even born. Good luck this weekend boys.

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