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Developing Speed through acceleration drills! Here are a few I use for everyday speed training. Great for beginners or advanced athletes.

Never done one before? That’s fine!!! But if you’re serious about being a SPEED ATHLETE incorporate these bounding drills in your program. ⠀

When you do a Bound, the muscles of your leg coming into contact with the ground must rapidly decelerate your body. The energy is stored in your muscles, before transitioning into the next explosive Bound. The less time you can spend on the ground and more power you can produce, the more effective the exercise.⠀

And the better athlete you will become. Spending less time on the ground means you are spending more time moving in the direction you want to go.⠀

Bounding does a few great things to improve sprinting, the main one being the improvement of an athlete's stride length by improving the vertical force an athlete must put into the ground. ⠀

Bounding also helps athletes improve their coordination and rhythm. Finally, as Bounding is a very high force activity, it is a powerful tool for improving speed from 5-20 meters, or mid-acceleration.⠀

Have I convinced you yet to try it!? 

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Dynamic Warmup Drills For Speed Training

As a speed athlete a proper dynamic warmup is key. Here are my go to drills for a sprinters warmup. Level for beginners to intermediate. 



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Increase Your Sprinting Speed With These Resistance Band Drills




Are you a speed athlete looking for more drills to incorporate in training either before or after to strengthen your sprinting mechanics and reduce injury? These are four resistance band exercises to add to you routine to become a stronger sprinter. I use these drills personally for warm up before a short sprinting day. 
  1. Banded Excellerated Strike Step 
Prevent extension in knee forward and when you strike back. Helps strengthen the muscles and tendons around the knee joint. Make sure that your foot isn’t coming out forward put locked in place and strike back in the ground for a horizontal force in the forward direction you want to go. Think about when you drive out of the start and your first foot comes out at the perfect distance and angle to drive you forward lower and not pop up.
  1. Top Speed Strike Step
2A. In an upright position one knee up, arms in sprinting stride formation. Starting in the A position with the band around the ankle you are going to strike down. The light resistance will focus on striking down and back with sharp arm movement. 
2B. If you want to advance this drill you can use two bands. The band will push you up and the lighter band will pull you down. This will create over speed because the band is pulling you up.
  1. Banded Hip Flexion
Standing in an upright position, arms in sprinter stride position. One foot slightly behind the other, drive that foot upward toe flexed. Notice that when I drive my foot up, I am not letting it swing out forward. You want to minimize activation of the quad and focus on activating the psoas and hip flexor muscles. 
    4. Anti-Rotation Exercise
Band either on inside or outside of you leg. You are going to be doing an A-March. Helps by developing isometric strength through a dynamic range of motion. Working a lot of stabilization muscles and core muscles for when you sprint.




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